Poetry begins in delight and ends in wisdom - Robert Frost.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sing In Silence

Pablo Neruda, poet-reveolutionary-a human being.
One of the most extraordinary poets to have emerged in the 20th century, Neruda's verse has a haunting simplicity about it that captures so perfectly the rhythms of everyday existence. This is a but a sample.

" If I die, survive me with such sheer force
that you waken the furies of the pallid and the cold,
from south to south lift your indelible eyes,
from sun to sun dream through your singing mouth.
I don't want your laughter or your steps to waver,
I don't want my heritage of joy to die.
Don't call up my person. I am absent.
Live in my absence as if in a house so vast
that inside you will pass through its walls
and hang pictures on the air.
Absence is a house so transparent
that I, lifeless, will see you, living,
and if you suffer, my love, I will die again.